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RU03 – A New Identity

What does faith require? A couple of widows wrestle with the hardships of life. Each make a choice. Ruth’s choice illustrates how faith is not a mere abstract set of interesting ideas, but affects and informs real life.

RU01 – Introduction to Ruth

Why study the book of Ruth? What does the happenings in a rural grain field over three thousand years ago have to do with us today? Probably more than we think. Ruth is a story of universal human experience, speaking to the most fundamental human needs. Who cannot relate to the death of a spouse,…

Biblical Theology: Ruth

The Book of Ruth Review Questions from last week’s lesson: What is in the book of Judges? How does Judges help us today? Answers: Judges tells the history of Israel after the death of their leader, Joshua. Israel tries to complete the conquest of Canaan, but fails to drive out all the inhabitant nations. The…