Faith in God, Love for People

Our Story

Harmony Baptist Church was founded in June of 1984 and began regularly meeting in Alton, IL with Dr. Howard Carter leading as pastor of the church. Since its inception, Harmony Baptist Church has strived to adhere to the fundamental characteristics observed in the churches of Christ as is expressed in the Holy scriptures, despite the trends of the day to appeal to a wider audience at the cost of compromising God’s truth.

In 1996, HBC moved to its present location in Godfrey, IL after uniting with the few remaining members of Clifton Baptist Church. Following the retirement of Pastor Howard Carter in 2003, the church elected Ralph Blake as Pastor, who currently resides as shepherd of the flock of God.

Pastor Blake spent over 13 years, with his family, in the country of Surname, South America as a Church planting Missionary. There he saw a work that organized into Grace Baptist Church, which developed into a self-supporting, indigenous church that continues to grow and thrive to this day. Now having over 35 years in gospel ministry, Pastor Blake brings his experience to Godfrey, Illinois. God has burdened him to reach the lost of the community as well as continue to shepherd the existing members in the truth of God’s word by his expository preaching and teaching through the Bible.

Harmony Baptist believes the truths of the Bible and relevant for modern man and modern problems without compromise or abandoning “Baptist distinctive’s.” Please see the sermon, “What Makes Harmony Baptist Different?” or check out some of the Baptist history in our Links section to learn more about why we are unashamed to call ourselves Baptist.

We invite you to visit us and see for yourself what a True New Testament Church looks like.

Our Values

Come hear understandable and practical Bible teaching, and preaching. Experience a compassionate and friendly atmosphere.

Our Vision

We are an authentic church with an evangelistic and missionary vision. We seek to reach our community and the world with the truth of God’s Word and the Love of Christ for their souls.