Faith in God, Love for People

Our Story

Harmony Baptist Church was organized in June of 1984 out of Independence Baptist Church in Foristell, MO. The church began regularly meeting in Alton, IL with Dr. Howard Carter leading as pastor of the church. Since its inception, Harmony Baptist Church has striven to adhere to the fundamental characteristics observed in the churches of Christ as expressed in the Holy Scriptures.

In 1996, the church moved to its present location in Godfrey, IL after receiving the few remaining members of Clifton Baptist Church. Following the retirement of Pastor Carter in 2003, the church elected Ralph Blake as Pastor. Pastor Blake served the church as pastor until July of 2018. On July 1, 2018 the church voted to call Jeff Short as the next pastor of the church. Bro. Short accepted that call and began the pastorate on Sunday, August 26, 2018.

Harmony Baptist Church holds to The New Hampshire Confession, 1833 (revised in 1853 by J. N. Brown), with some modifications as a concise statement of biblical doctrine in line with the historic and orthodox faith of New Testament churches. These doctrines include, but are not limited to, the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture, inherent depravity and sinfulness of man, salvation by grace through faith alone, believer’s baptism, a church is a local and visible assembly of baptized believers, the literal resurrection of the just and unjust, and the literal return of Jesus Christ at the end of the age.

Our Values

We believe the Bible is the sole rule of faith and practice. All teaching and preaching is an effort to explain and apply the Scripture in its original, contextual meaning. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to the message of the Bible and, therefore, central to all we do as a church. The Gospel teaches God has made us in his own image to know him and reflect his character. However, we have sinned against him in falling short of his holiness and righteousness. Our sins bring us under the just wrath of God and the condemnation of eternal punishment and separation from God. Out of God’s mercy, grace, and incomprehensible love he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to take on human flesh, live a perfectly sinless life, and to die on the cross to bear God’s wrath for the sins of all who will repent and trust in him. God raised Jesus from the dead in victory over sin and death securing the justification and forgiveness of sins. If we repent of our sins, which means to turn away from our sins, and trust in Jesus Christ, which means to abandon any thoughts or hopes of our own goodness and to trust fully in Jesus Christ alone for salvation, we will be saved from the punishment due to us for our sins against God. We will be delivered from the slavery of sin and ultimately from the very presence of sin to spend eternity with God our Father and Jesus Christ our Savior.

Our Vision

We strive to be a church reflecting the glory of God to the world through following Jesus Christ and keeping all that he has commanded.

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