Biblical Theology: Psalms

The Book of Psalms Review Questions from last week’s lesson: What is Job about? How does Job speak to us today? Answers: Job is about suffering and patience. Job loses his wealth, servants, children, and his own health. Satan is the one at work afflicting Job, while his friends attempt to comfort him. Finally, God…

Biblical Theology: Job

The Book of Job Review Questions from last week’s lesson: What is Esther about? How does Esther speak to us today? Answers: Esther narrates how the woman named Esther becomes queen to King Ahasuerus. Haman schemes to trick the King into endorsing his plot to kill the Jews and Esther has to overcome fear to…

Biblical Theology: Esther

The Book of Esther Review Questions from last week’s lesson: What is Nehemiah about? How does Nehemiah help us today Answers: Nehemiah recounts the third wave of Jews returning to Jerusalem, the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, and opposition to that work. Summary Statement Nehemiah is about God’s faithfulness to his promises. Just as…

RO13 – Mixed Metaphors

How can a person be justified before God? No one needs to be made guilty. All are guilty. We need to be made right. *Note: We lost about the last ten minutes of audio. That portion of the message is covered in review at the beginning of the next message.

RO07 – Fair and Equal Treatment

That’s Not Fair! We all have a keen sense of not being treated fairly when someone is shown a special favor over us, though we usually don’t complain when we receive such a favor. Paul talks about God’s judgment and reveals it is both righteous and impartial.