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AC53 – Study in the Synagogue

What is a good response? It has long been observed that wherever Paul preached, there was either a revival or a revolt. Paul’s preaching got a response, sometimes good and sometimes not. This passage compares the response in Berea with the response in Thessalonica.

AC41 – Justified Through Faith

How can the guilty be cleared? Paul concludes his sermon in the synagogue at Antioch of Pisidia with a profound declaration. Though faith in Jesus, all who believe are forgiven for sins and justified from the condemnation of the law. He then warns them about unbelief.

AC40 – Salvation by Promise

What about Jesus? Paul continues his message in the Synagogue at Antioch of Pisidia. He shows Jesus as the fulfillment of the promise for a Messiah, the son of David, to come. Jesus’ resurrection fulfills Scripture and proves him to be the Messiah.