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AC-04 – Replacing Judas

What happens when leaders fail? Judas Iscariot was one of the original twelve apostles. Judas was chosen by Jesus, trained with the other eleven, and worked with them daily for two years. Judas betrayed Jesus and later committed suicide. How did the young church handle such a defection and scandalous failure of a leader? Acts…

AC-02 – Jesus’ Last Words

What should we do now? As Jesus was moments away from ascending into Heaven, he gave his Apostles instructions. He told them what they were to do. The Apostles’ ministry set the trajectory for his churches and what they are to be doing throughout this age until Jesus comes again.

AC-01 – The Acts of the Apostles Introduction

How did Christianity survive and thrive? Have you ever thought about how unlikely the spread of Christianity was? What began with an itinerant Jewish rabbi and handful of followers in the environs of rural Galilee, teaching from a centuries old collection of books, seemed to climax with the death of the teacher and scattering of…