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AC48 – The Split Decision

What if we disagree? With the Jerusalem council and the Judaizer controversy behind them, Paul and Barnabas consider their next missionary journey. They disagree sharply about whether to include John Mark and end up splitting up to form two teams and launch two journeys. Who was right? Who was wrong?

AC47 – Churches at Peace

What should the Gentiles do? The church in Jerusalem concluded they should write a letter to the Gentiles in the other churches that affirms the truth of the Gospel they heard from Paul. Circumcision and law keeping are not required for salvation. Paul and Barnabas gladly take the letter back to Antioch.

AC46 – God Knows What He is Doing

What is happening? The spread of Gospel to the Gentiles was not in itself surprising, but the pouring out of the promised Spirit on uncircumcised Gentiles caught many Jews by surprise. Some even objected. Finally, James addressed the meeting that what was happening was in line with prior Scripture revelation.

AC45 – Salvation by Free Grace

Who says? The early churches faced a dilemma as the Gospel spread among the uncircumcised Gentiles. Did Gentiles have to be circumcised and keep the law in order to be saved? After much disputing, Peter testifies about the Cornelius event in Caesarea. He interprets the events and draws conclusions in line with God’s purpose as…

AC44 – The Gospel Controversy

What about the law? As the Gospel spread in the first century, more and more Gentiles came to faith in Jesus Christ. It wasn’t long before some of the Pharisees began to object that the Gentiles had to be circumcised and keep the law in order to be saved. Some from the church in Antioch got together with the church in Jerusalem…

AC40 – Salvation by Promise

What about Jesus? Paul continues his message in the Synagogue at Antioch of Pisidia. He shows Jesus as the fulfillment of the promise for a Messiah, the son of David, to come. Jesus’ resurrection fulfills Scripture and proves him to be the Messiah.

AC38 – Missionary Work

Where to now? By the end of chapter 12, Acts takes on a different focus. Peter and the ministry in Jerusalem is no longer the focus. Beginning with chapter 13, Luke focuses on the Gospel going to the Gentiles in the larger world. This mission begins with Paul and Barnabas and the church in Antioch.

AC36 – The Church at Antioch

What’s Next? The church at Jerusalem spread out and spread the Gospel. By this point, new churches have been planted and where do they go from here? Chapter 11 closes with a focus on the church at Antioch–the church about to become the launching point of the worldwide mission of the Gospel.