Faith in God, Love for People

Sermons (Page 10)

“Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation” Play in new window | DownloadChristmas Message 2016.  Old Simeon is now ready to die because he has seen God’s Salvation. Message of Hope and salvation in Jesus Christ.

Christ is All I Need Play in new window | DownloadCol. 2:9-10 In Jesus Christ dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily, and believers are in Him, COMPLETE!

Beware! Play in new window | DownloadCo. 2:8 Warning against false teachers.   This is needed more today than when the apostle wrote this inspired letter.

Receiving and Walking in Christ Play in new window | DownloadCol. 2:6-7 What does it mean to “receive Christ?” What happens when we do receive Christ? And then we are to “walk in Him.”

The Apostle Rejoices in Proper Church Order Play in new window | DownloadCol. 2:5 What does a TRUE New Testament Church look like? What about denominations?  How many officers or ordinances does the Church have?

Beware of Enticing Words Play in new window | DownloadCol. 2:1-4 The apostle moves on from the glorious doctrines of Jesus Christ to warn the saints against the false teachers. Beware of “enticing words.”

“Christ in You the Hope of Glory” Play in new window | Download1:26-27 The very heart of the Gospel is here declared to be “Christ in you the hope of glory.” This is called a “mystery,” that is a truth not before known but now revealed. It is a truth for the Nations of the world.

The Ministry and Labor of the Gospel Play in new window | Download1:28-29 How is the “Good News” of Jesus to be given out? The apostle uses such words as “Preaching…warning…and teaching every man.”

The Gospel Ministry Play in new window | Download1:23-25 Suffering for Christ and the Gospel is the norm for those who will faithfully proclaim it’s truth. Paul said he was “made a minister” (servant) of Christ.

The Preservation and Perseverance of the Saints Play in new window | Download1:22-23 The fruit or end of the perfect redemption and reconciliation of Jesus Christ is  the “eternal security of the saints.” There are two sides to this great TRUTH: Godward is Preservation, and the manward side; Perseverance.