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Sermons on Worship

Jesus, God and King Play in new window | DownloadHebrews 1:8-14  This message continues our study of chapter one, by going back in more detail on two points: Jesus Christ is King of kings. He was indeed born as the “Son of David” and is a king and will one day have a kingdom of righteousness upon this earth.  And Jesus Christ is our God.…

Jesus, The Son and Heir Play in new window | DownloadText: Heb. 1:2  This text is part of the glorious introduction to this wonderful Book of Hebrews. In this verse we see Jesus Christ as the Son and Heir. He is described as the Son of God, the Creator of “all things.”  And as the God-Man, the Messiah, He is said to be the Heir of…

The Pre-Emenance of Christ Play in new window | DownloadGuest Speaker Jason Shults speaks on the glories of Jesus Christ from Colossians 1:15-20 I know you will be blessed.

Making Melody to the Lord From the Heart Play in new window | DownloadCol. 3:16  IT begins with God’s Word being “at home” in our hearts. Then we can sing and make melody to the Lord and “teach and admonish one another “in Psalms, and Hymns, and Spiritual Songs.  Why do Christians sing?  What do we sing?  Does the KIND of music matter?  Yes. Listen for more.

Jesus, the Head of the Church Play in new window | Download1:18 What is a New Testament Church? Is their a “universal invisible church?”