Faith in God, Love for People

Sermons on Sin

“Melchisedec” – Type of Christ Play in new window | DownloadText: Hebrews 7:1-10  The obscure person; Melchisedec of the Old Testament is one of the Great Types of Our Lord Jesus. By looking at this man we exalt our Savior as our Great High Priest.

The Family Tree of the Savior Play in new window | DownloadMatthew Chapter 1  We all have a family tree. But that of our Lord Jesus Christ is very unique.  Fully human on His mother’s side, and Fully Divine on His Father’s side.  His earthly family heritage also reveals His marvelous grace.

Warning Against Falling Away Play in new window | DownloadText: Hebrews 6:4-8  This is one of those hard portions of the Holy Scriptures. It is a very severe warning to those who come close to the Kingdom of God, but then turn away from it.  Their end is without hope. I pray that none who may listen to this message will be among them.

Jesus, Our Perfect High Priest Play in new window | DownloadTEXT: Hebrews 5:1-10 The Subject of Christ’s priesthood is introduced in earnest and is the theme of the next 5 chapters of Hebrews.  This shows us; 1- The general qualifications of a High Priest and His main work. And 2- That Jesus Christ perfectly fulfills them. He is the “author of eternal salvation.

Do All in the Name of the Lord Jesus Play in new window | DownloadCol. 3:17  Series continues with this command to do everything in the name and for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. It can be said to be “The Christian Rule of Life.” It has been said, “If we permit anything in our lives that cannot be associated with the name of Jesus, then we are…

Make God’s Peace King in Your Hearts Play in new window | DownloadCol. 3:15  What it means and how to make “the peace of God” rule in your hearts.  It begins with “the peace of God” in reconciliation and redemption through Christ Jesus.  This verse is companion to the following sermon on verse 16.

Formed, Deformed, and Transformed Play in new window | DownloadCol. 3:7-11 Stepping back and looking at the BIG PICTURE of God’s plan for His people.  Restoring the image of God from Creation, ruined by sin. As Rom. 8:29 says, God did “predestinate” all of His elect “to be conformed to the image of His Son.”

The Christian Life is Death to the Old Life Play in new window | DownloadCol. 3:5-9 Since we have died with Christ to the old man and the old life..THEREFORE Put to Death those things in your life. The negative side of sanctification.

Our Sin Debt and the Law Nailed to the Cross Play in new window | DownloadCol. 2:14  This and the next verse exalt Jesus Christ and His Redemption as much as any two verses of Scripture. Jesus not only perfectly fulfilled the law on our behalf, He took our curse of the law and nailed it to the Cross,  SETTING US FREE!

Don’t Let Anyone Take Away Your Liberty Play in new window | DownloadCol. 2:16-17 LIBERTY! Deliverance and freedom sin, Satan, the fear of death, and the law-works. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” But liberty does not mean license.  Are you FREE?