Faith in God, Love for People

Sermons on Outreach

Reaching Modern America Play in new window | DownloadGuest Speaker: Missionary Walt Barbier – You will be blessed by the sound, passionate appeal to God’s people to make the message real to the Gospel real to those about us.

Warning Against Falling Away Play in new window | DownloadText: Hebrews 6:4-8  This is one of those hard portions of the Holy Scriptures. It is a very severe warning to those who come close to the Kingdom of God, but then turn away from it.  Their end is without hope. I pray that none who may listen to this message will be among them.

Four More Faithful Men Play in new window | DownloadText Colossians 4:10-14 Study in the lives of four disciples: 1- Jesus, called Justus, the man of unknown labors.  2- Aristarchus, the man who was willing to suffer for Christ.  3- Luke, the Beloved Physician and Dedicated Professional.  4- Epaphras, the Servant of Zeal and Prayer

Our Walk Before the World Play in new window | DownloadCol. 4:5 The Bible divides all men into two groups; God’s children, or the saints of God and those who are not. This latter group is here called, “them that are without.”  That is they are outside of the kingdom of God, they are outside of the Church and the Family of God. We intermingle with…

Biblical Motives for Right Living Play in new window | DownloadCol. 3:22-4:1 Continued What is the proper Biblical Motive for masters and servants?  Why should we act as we are directed?  This passage and thus, this sermon lay out Three Powerful Motives for our daily Christian conduct in the world. 1-All should be done to please the Lord.  2- We are to Live in a godly…

“That the Word of the Lord may be Glorified” Play in new window | DownloadText is from 2 Thess. 3:1 A message on Evangelism.  Disciples of Jesus Christ are commanded to “preach” the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are not to simply “share” it. We are to pray for and seek to remove every hindrance from the Word of God having “free course.” The Gospel is God’s power to salvation.…

The Ministry and Labor of the Gospel Play in new window | Download1:28-29 How is the “Good News” of Jesus to be given out? The apostle uses such words as “Preaching…warning…and teaching every man.”

The Gospel Ministry Play in new window | Download1:23-25 Suffering for Christ and the Gospel is the norm for those who will faithfully proclaim it’s truth. Paul said he was “made a minister” (servant) of Christ.