Faith in God, Love for People

Sermons on Hope

Jesus, Our Superior High Priest (Pt.1) Play in new window | DownloadHebrews 7:11-19  Further proof that Jesus Christ is a priest “after the order of Mechizedec” and us far better than the priesthood of Aaron under the Law.

The Anchor of Our Soul Play in new window | DownloadText: Hebrews 6:16-20  The child of God has his faith anchored in HOPE. This is the anchor of our soul to hold us firm in all the trials and tribulations of life. This hope is anchored in TWO IMMUTABLE THINGS. God’s promise and God’s oath, “in which it is impossible for God to lie.”

Four Reasons To Trust God (Pt.1) Play in new window | DownloadText: Hebrews 6:13-20 (Sorry that first couple of minutes is missing.)  Believers are encouraged to continue in the faith. They are admonished to obtain the promises of God by patience and faith.  Abraham is put forth as an example to follow as he did obtain the promise by patience and faith. We are given 4 reason…

Formed, Deformed, and Transformed Play in new window | DownloadCol. 3:7-11 Stepping back and looking at the BIG PICTURE of God’s plan for His people.  Restoring the image of God from Creation, ruined by sin. As Rom. 8:29 says, God did “predestinate” all of His elect “to be conformed to the image of His Son.”

The Preservation and Perseverance of the Saints Play in new window | Download1:22-23 The fruit or end of the perfect redemption and reconciliation of Jesus Christ is  the “eternal security of the saints.” There are two sides to this great TRUTH: Godward is Preservation, and the manward side; Perseverance.

Rejoicing in the Believer’s Hope Play in new window | Download1:3-8 Believers in Jesus Christ have a great hope. Hope in the New Testament is a confident expectation.

Relocated by the Redemption in Christ Play in new window | Download1:13-14 “In Christ” we are delivered from bondage, darkness and sin, and “translated” in the His glorious kingdom of light and liberty.