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“Melchisedec” – Type of Christ Play in new window | DownloadText: Hebrews 7:1-10  The obscure person; Melchisedec of the Old Testament is one of the Great Types of Our Lord Jesus. By looking at this man we exalt our Savior as our Great High Priest.

Jesus, Our Perfect High Priest Play in new window | DownloadTEXT: Hebrews 5:1-10 The Subject of Christ’s priesthood is introduced in earnest and is the theme of the next 5 chapters of Hebrews.  This shows us; 1- The general qualifications of a High Priest and His main work. And 2- That Jesus Christ perfectly fulfills them. He is the “author of eternal salvation.

Jesus, Our Faithful High Priest and Deliverer Play in new window | DownloadHebrews 2:14-18 Two Christ honoring and very practical truths. Verses 14-15 We see Jesus Who was made a little lower than the angels and made like unto His brethren for the great purpose of Delivering us from the power of Satan and the fear of death.  In verses 16-18 We see Jesus made a little lower…