Faith in God, Love for People

Sermons by Ralph Blake

Death and Judgment Play in new window | DownloadText Hebrews 9:27  “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment;”  1) We will all face death.  What death is. Bible truth about “spiritual death,” and “the second death.”  2) After death “judgment” before the Lord Jesus Christ

What Jesus’ Resurrection Means To Us Play in new window | DownloadText Hebrews 9:24  This is the second part of a message on these two great verses. Because Jesus Christ is Alive from the dead…1) We should seek those things which are Above 2) It means our Salvation is eternally secure. 3) It should give us daily confidence and victory in our Christian walk.

Jesus, Our Superior High Priest (Pt.1) Play in new window | DownloadHebrews 7:11-19  Further proof that Jesus Christ is a priest “after the order of Mechizedec” and us far better than the priesthood of Aaron under the Law.

“Melchisedec” – Type of Christ Play in new window | DownloadText: Hebrews 7:1-10  The obscure person; Melchisedec of the Old Testament is one of the Great Types of Our Lord Jesus. By looking at this man we exalt our Savior as our Great High Priest.

The Anchor of Our Soul Play in new window | DownloadText: Hebrews 6:16-20  The child of God has his faith anchored in HOPE. This is the anchor of our soul to hold us firm in all the trials and tribulations of life. This hope is anchored in TWO IMMUTABLE THINGS. God’s promise and God’s oath, “in which it is impossible for God to lie.”

The Family Tree of the Savior Play in new window | DownloadMatthew Chapter 1  We all have a family tree. But that of our Lord Jesus Christ is very unique.  Fully human on His mother’s side, and Fully Divine on His Father’s side.  His earthly family heritage also reveals His marvelous grace.

Four Reasons To Trust God (Pt.1) Play in new window | DownloadText: Hebrews 6:13-20 (Sorry that first couple of minutes is missing.)  Believers are encouraged to continue in the faith. They are admonished to obtain the promises of God by patience and faith.  Abraham is put forth as an example to follow as he did obtain the promise by patience and faith. We are given 4 reason…

Warning Against Falling Away Play in new window | DownloadText: Hebrews 6:4-8  This is one of those hard portions of the Holy Scriptures. It is a very severe warning to those who come close to the Kingdom of God, but then turn away from it.  Their end is without hope. I pray that none who may listen to this message will be among them.

Jesus, Our Perfect High Priest Play in new window | DownloadTEXT: Hebrews 5:1-10 The Subject of Christ’s priesthood is introduced in earnest and is the theme of the next 5 chapters of Hebrews.  This shows us; 1- The general qualifications of a High Priest and His main work. And 2- That Jesus Christ perfectly fulfills them. He is the “author of eternal salvation.

Jesus, Our Great High Priest (Pt. 2) Play in new window | DownloadTEXT: Hebrews 4:14-16 (Continued)  As we Saw in the previous sermon Jesus Christ is our perfect and Great High Priest. This message sets forth from this text two great admonitions based upon that great TRUTH.  1- “Let us hold fast our profession.”  2- “Let us come boldly to His throne of grace.”