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Satan’s War On American Culture

Satan’s War on American Culture
As almost everyone knows, we are in a culture war. The excitement generated during this past presidential election was in part due to the fact that millions of Americans decided to fight back.  If the Democratic Party had won the White House the war would have in all probability been lost, at least for a generation or more.     The party platforms have NEVER been more different than they were in 2016. We printed up a list of the important moral and Biblical differences for our church folks to compare.  For God’s people should vote based upon such things as “the Sanctity of Life” and “the Sanctity of Marraige.” If we do not stand for such issues, we will have no reason to complain when they come to put us in jail for preaching the Word of God.  One Party platform fully promoted the LGBTQ agenda while the other stood in opposition to it and for traditional (Biblical, God-centered) American values.    During this past year, this war was waged in the arena of our public schools. On May 16, 2016 the Obama Administration isssued an edict from Washington, DC to all public schools from kindergarten thru our colleges and universities.  A citizen group, called “Citizens for Child Safety,” was formed in our area to oppose it’s implementation.  Had this mandate succeeded, biological boys and biological girls would have been allowed and forced to use the same bathrooms, locker rooms, and sleeping accommodation on overnight field trips.  Praise God, the Federal courts have put a temporary stop to this insanity.  We need to pray that the new administration will retract this ungodly mandate. You may want to contact your elected official to tell them of your opposition.    In recent years, this godless agenda has destroyed both the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts, two
traditional and very good organizations.  States, like North Carolina, are being financially punished because they stood up for morality, decency and common sense.  I have just read that the children’s magazine, “Highlights” is under pressure to surrender to this godless agenda.  Sadly it seems as if they will cave, which means that in the not too distant future, it will most likely go out of print. This is the goal of those seeking to force, via political correctness, everyone to accept sexual perversion as normal behavior.  If you do not succomb and agree you must go out of business. (Think of the small businesses,  put out of business because of their stand on Biblical values.) Not a Political War, But a Spiritual War    Even though I thank God for His mercy toward our nation, no doubt in answer to the millions of prayers of His people, politics is not the answer. The war is in reality A SPIRITUAL WAR.  It is a war between the powers of darkness, ruled by Satan and his host of demons, against the kingdom of light and righteousness and King Jesus.    I know with all confidence from God’s holy Word, how this war will end.  Read the Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Last book of the Bible).  There we learn that, at the second coming of Jesus Christ, all rebellion will be righteously judged and justly punished.  A period of God’s wrath upon a rebellious Creation will take place, called “The Great Tribulation.”  This is followed by the bodily return of Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords.  All rebellious sinners will be judged  and cast into Hell for eternity.  Satan and all evil spirits will also be “cast into the lake of fire and brimstone…and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” (Rev. 20:10)  After 1,000 years of His earthly kingdom of peace and
righteousness, a new Heaven and a New Earth will be made “…wherein dwelleth righteousness.” (See Rev. 21:1 & 2 Pt. 3:12-13)    Praise the Lord!  This is our hope and confidence in Jesus Christ;ubt this does not mean that during this time NOW, while we wait for His return, we do not need to be involved in this warfare.  We do. In fact you are.  Right now you are either in the kingdom of darkness or the Kingdom of God’s dear Son. You are either, right now, fighting for and with God or against God and Jesus Christ. There is no Switzerland of neutrality in this war!  Jesus Himself said, “For he that is not against us is on our part.” (Mk. 9:40) And also, “He that is not with me is against me;” (Mtt. 12:30)  In fact, one way the New Testament talks about the conversion of a sinner is that he is taken out of the kingdom and power of Satan and darkness and “translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:” (Col. 1:13 & Acts 26:18) Have you surrendered to Jesus Christ, or are you still under Satan’s sway in darkness?     If you are a child of the light and a follower of Jesus Christ, you are a soldier and called of God to fight against the powers of darkness.  Political Correctness is simply a tool of Satan to silence the truth. It is used to intimidate and frighten God’s people and politicians from standing up for moral purity in our society or work place.     Please read the main article of this paper, “I Thank God that the Universe is Ruled by an Almighty Sovereign God.”  There we stated that it is the Almighty Creator alone Who has the right and authority to declare what is right and what is wrong.  Morality is not open to discussion, debate, popular opinion, or the Supreme Court!  Morality is simply stating what IS and what IS NOT pleasing to God. This is the war we are in. Satan has had great success in recent years in redefining in our society what is morally right or wrong.  He
has had help from many places, and he has not been resisted by those who should.
What Can and What Should You and I Do?     What is it that we should be doing to combat this evil?  It is our right and privilege in this blessed nation to make our voices heard to those elected, whether to local, state, or national positions; but this is not the final answer. This is not even our most powerful weapon.  As the Bible says, “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal (natural), but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds).” (2 Cor. 10:4)     We have two main powerful weapons in our spiritual armament: Prayer, and the Word of God, i.e. the truth of God.  This is what we must use. If you believe in God, pray for His grace and mercy to bring REVIVAL to our nation.  Pray for God to intervene for good in our nation.     We also need to preach the Word of God.  In particular we need to prach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For this is the ultimate answer to America’s problems.  America will only return culturally to a more moral foundation if more Americans return to God their Creator and Redeemer.  Jesus Christ is the only and best hope for America.  Please join us and call sinners to repentance.  Tell sinners that Jesus came to save them. Tell them He died to give us forgiveness of sins and eternal life.  He paid the ransom with His own precious and sinless blood to deliver us from sin and Satan and place us in His own Kingdom of Light.  Jesus is the answer.  Tell someone today.  Pass this paper on.  Ask for more copies or for other Gospel Tracts to give to family and friends.      Dear Friend, America is at a crossroads and needs help.  Pray and preach the truth of God.  This is America’s only hope. We pray that God will bless many to engage in the war for America.


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