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I Thank God America is a Representative Republic

I Thank God  That America is a Representative Republic

All of us should rejoice that our representative form of government has worked and we will soon, by God’s will and grace, have a peaceful transition to a new government.  If you have not lived abroad nor read much of history, you will not appreciate just how blessed we are in America. I thank God for wise and godly men who founded this nation with such a system and such a wonderful constitution.  Many wrongly state that America is a democracy.  It is not, thank God!  It is not mob rule but a wise Representative Republic with democratic principles. And thank God for the wisdom of the Electoral College, without which the votes of the vast majority of Americans would never count. But this is not a “Civics Class” lesson, so I move on.      The only two forms of government that can work to make nations both prosperous and give liberty and freedom to it’s citizens are either a benevolent sovereign or one such as ours.  Since power seems almost always to corrupt the best of humanity, thus making a “benevolent sovereign” a practical impossibility, we will throw out the first until the Lord Jesus returns and sets up His glorious kingdom. This leaves us with our constitutional, representative republic as the best men can achieve.  Let us all thank God and seek to be the best citizens we can be.

  Let each of us pray for those elected to Federal, State and Local positions to make wise decisions based upon righteousness and the constitution so that we might be able to “lead a quiet and peaceable life.”   (See 1 Timothy 2:1-2)


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