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Thanksgiving Message 2017 | True History of Thanksgiving | Giving Thanks to God/Harmony Baptist

Thanksgiving 2017. A Thanksgiving message about the Truth and the History of this Great American holiday. It is about giving thanks to Almighty God.
Do not forget to give thanks for God’s greatest gift, His Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins.


Wonderful Song about Giving Thanks:

LINKS mentioned in Vlog:

Founders and Thanksgiving :

President Lincoln and Thanksgiving:

President Washington 1789 Proclamation:

President Reagan 1987:

Additional Info:

Thanksgiving is the most Christian holiday on the Calendar. We are encouraged by our Federal government to give thanks to the God of the Bible, the Almighty God of Heaven.

I hope that you will take time to thank God for all of His blessing to you and your family.

HarmonyTube is the YouTube channel of the Harmony Baptist Church in Godfrey, IL.


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